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UK-based edtech Guide Education secures $8.25M to become Netflix for teacher training

According to a study conducted by UNESCO, to meet global education demands 68 million more teachers are required: 24 million for primary and 44 million for secondary education. UK-based EdTech startup Guide Education aims to fill this gap.

Netflix for teacher training

Now, Guide Education has announced to have raised $8.25 million (£6 million approx.) for its “Netflix for teacher training” like platform, which uses Deep Fakes technology. The round was led by the UK Government Future Fund and other private investors.

Founded in 2016 by CEO Leon Hady and David Hans-Barker, Guide Education is rolling out its intuitive collaboration platform with cutting-edge Deep Fake technology to engage with pupils, and empower teachers in previously unthinkable ways.

Leon Hady predicts that Guide Education’s ‘Netflix for Teacher Training’ can bridge that divide, with a bank of online content that includes lesson creation technology, based on video content.

“Our schooling system in the UK, and around the world, is basically Victorian,” says Hady. “The investment will allow us to change that, in the UK and globally, and educate more children than ever before – and do it better.”

“Our application of Deep Fake technology means pupils can have Stephen Hawking teaching physics or Shakespeare explaining his writing – this will be as revolutionary for education as the first blackboard was.”

Helping in supplying trained teachers

Guide Education already supports over 15,000 teachers in over 700 different schools.

For Mr Hady, this mission is personal: “Having grown up in poverty and with an absent father, I was subject to bullying and overcrowded classrooms from a young age. I was able to break the cycle and overcome my educational challenges; I want to help others to do the same. For a BAME / minority led business to be doing this is a game changer.”

“Remember your favourite teacher at school? Tech can allow every child, everywhere in the world, to have that experience.”

David Hans-Barker, Guide Education’s Co-Founder added: “Education levels the playing field and as long as we lack quality teachers, our education systems will always be unequal. That’s why we want to get this to everyone. It’s time for the monopoly to be over.”

Guide Education was advised by Novistra Capital.


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