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Doing my first Russel Brunson-style webinar

Doing my first Russel Brunson style webinar with a very salesy feel to it.

It’s really interesting new territory and like the approach to this as it’s so different to our normal sales process with schools.

In Education, and as former Head, with the quals I have, I always feel the weight of making sure what I say is grounded in some research and fact and recent exposure… whereas this is so much more around the spirit and the feel.

Taking away the technicality and ‘authority’ that I normally lean on and just relaxing and trying to be a ‘knowledgable friend’.

So nice to also speak freely; when I do stuff on TV people are kind to comment on what they see as controlled professionalism but I’m genuinely not like that most of the time - ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m the most childlike person they know. I can just turn on the other side at will and in all the years of training, leading and raising - that side has been the prime mode of operation.

Now though with this, and some TikTok deep-fake stuff to come, I’m enjoying the little space away from being so factual and precise.

Of course, it takes years to build a reputation and seconds to crush it, a step into this world filled with fly-by-night ideas and sketchy sales folk could be an absolute nightmare: will governments work with you again if you’re basically doing modern infomercials for your products? Will heads be turned off that you’re no longer one of them but now in full sales mode? Maybe, maybe not.

But, as with everything else over the last 10 years, I’m going at least enjoy it if I do what I believe, regardless of how it’s perceived.

And I genuinely believe that every parent and community member needs to know the basics of educating our young. The link between home, community and school can be strengthened with relationship building and educating being a firm foundation for all these involved.

We are 68 million teachers short - that’s not going to be solved overnight, we need to make educators of everyone to close gaps and support future generations.

I’ve run private tuition and mass online learning For years. The more I work with parents and support staff, the more I realise they need the basic skills every teacher has.

That’s why Guide Plus exists and it’s the most meaningful of all our endeavours.

So if you see screenshots of me on your Facebook and YouTube feeds, the above is why.

These courses are already making a huge difference to parents and now I have the ability to turn them in to any language in seconds it’s going to be available to so many more people.

I love doing new things - but new stuff that truly helps, that’s best by far. Here goes…

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