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Earn With Our
Affiliate Programme 

The BEST commission rate you will find for selling online teaching courses to beginner teachers, pre-service teachers and parents.

Thank you for considering our affiliate program.
We offer up to 30% commission to our affiliate marketers. See below for full benefits for you and your audience.

Why Guide:

Guide Education is an award-winning learning company set up by a former Headteacher who knows learning and teaching inside out. 

With 50 worldwide staff and contributors, our courses cover everything people looking to develop their teaching and learning practice in formal and informal settings.

We cover a variety of methodologies, including the latest international research, with our core content based on world-leading teacher training courses aligned to the standards of the United Kingdom. 

See the table below for a brief overview of who can be targeted with which package, to help you see which of your viewers, readers, listeners or subscribers you can assist.

Our affiliate program applies to all of our CPD subscription packages but NOT our accredited qualifications.

table blank-01.png
  • Teaching assistants

  • Cover supervisors

  • Relief teachers

  • Non-teaching school staff

Beginner Package
Developing Package 
All Courses Package
Leadership Package
  • Teachers with 1 year experience 

  • College lecturers with 1 year experience

  • Middle management in school settings

  • Middle and upper management in college settings

  • Rising stars in a school or college

  • All sectors 

  • Tutors

  • Home School groups / Home Schooling Parents

  • Parents

  • Community centres

  • Religious Groups

  • Pre-service Teachers

  • Experienced home schoolers

  • Religious community schools

  • Tutors 

  • Home school groups

  • Religious community schools 

  • All sectors 

Possible Formal Customers

Possible Informal Customers

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affiliate image 2.png
What they get:

Learners benefit from the following:

  • An entire library of video-based training materials

  • Free Taster content

  • Access to over 1200 videos across 175 courses

  • Up to 865 CPD accredited hours 

  • Certificates for CPD completion

  • Personal access to an online workbook to track their progress

  • Interactive questions and reflection points

  • Access to accredited teaching qualifications (at an extra cost)

  • Support for every stage of your teaching career

  • Inbuilt learning schedule

  • New content added every month

  • Excellent value for money

What you get:
  • 10% off prices Subscription prices (Qualifications not included)

  • No joining fee or minimum sale guarantee 

  • Your own branded portal

  • Your own join and share links for content

  • Control over pricing (within thresholds)

  • Access to the Guide helpdesk

  • Overview of all learner data

  • New course release dates to use in your marketing 

  • Track the most popular videos and responses to add to your marketing

  • Multi-language offerings (on request, minimum subscription needed)

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Supplied Sales Materials
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