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Training, Mentoring, Teacher Support

All your school's training, mentoring, and teacher support in one platform.
Your skills and experience, our resources, one goal.

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You are your school's teaching experts.


You know what training is needed in your school. Guide Connect allows you to turn all your PowerPoints into instant video, covering all your training and development needs for your teachers and support staff. Use our platform to create training videos instantly.

On any device, schools and colleges use our system to:

  • Record your screen and annotate as needed

  • Upload a PowerPoint and add audio 

  • Share best practice and feedback

  • Invite teachers to share lesson sections for remote feedback

Create your own learning material alongside our content library to perfect context-based training in your school. 

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From the first day in school to senior leadership training. 


Our 3,000 expert, high-quality videos are split over 35 courses to give all your staff the broad support they need in any given stage of career development. Our system covers all the core elements of training, plus:

  • True interactive questions that can also be tailored

  • Answer support and sharing for private groups

  • Multiple ways to demonstrate understanding

  • Custom content for different groups

For learning transformations to occur, you need to see your learners putting your teaching into action; set them the task of recording themselves using what you've taught. 


Remember, going forward, it isn't just about offering courses and leaving them high and dry. The learning journey has only just begun.

View Courses HERE.


Now you make the difference. 


Developing teachers, who trust you as school leaders and who rely on you, now need you to offer a specific and tailored reflection from you on their video uploads.


You've been offering advice face to face for years, but now you can give much more precise and detailed commentary, exactly where it's needed, far quicker and more succinctly than ever.

  • Add detailed feedback in-video 

  • Leave supportive commentary 

  • Track learning increments 

Our software prompts you to leave feedback within 72 hours. How much feedback you've left for each teacher you're supporting will be tracked, so you can allocate your time and prioritise with ease. 

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Collaboration and swarming. 


You don't have to be the only teacher on your course. You can invite colleagues you trust to assist in giving feedback. 

You can also allow learners to learn from other learners by allowing them to access other learners' answers and their feedback.  

  • Create swarm response groups 

  • Add forums to each learning section  

  • Track learning increments 

There are so many ways Guide Connect can support learners that will help them and provide them with a learning trail other users can benefit from. 


Only pay for qualifications after they've been completed. 


As leaders, we've been there; you purchase courses for staff who are unable to complete them. Precious finances are wasted. You want to give each member of staff the support and opportunity, with one eye on your training budget.


All qualifications and professional awards are included in our library. Staff can work on them over any time period at no extra charge. When all assessment criteria is complete and your senior leadership team is satisfied they have met the objectives, then you pay a small accreditation fee, making it official.


Qualifications we offer include:

  • QTS (AO) - Qualified Teacher Status (Assessment Only)

  • HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Level 4) 

  • AET - Award in Education and Training (Level 3)

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Share and monetise your expertise. 


When your courses start to make a difference, you have the opportunity to share them far and wide. Create your own bespoke landing page, so more teachers and educators can benefit from your knowledge.


  • Create free or paid packages for any of your courses 

  • Facilitate online payments with ease

  • One-off, monthly or annual subscriptions 

Simple, seamless integration with Stripe means you can take payments anywhere online and get paid easier.

"This software and training resources have allowed us to prepare and enact our full training vision for all the schools in our trust."
Ben Davies, Executive Headteacher, St Martins Multi Academy Trust
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