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A learning

Technology and content created to make educating easier.


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Why Guide is different


Mentored learning

Personalised feedback helps users achieve their own goals. Knowledge shared by experts with real world experience is easily understood and applied.

Focus on great teaching

Created by the world's best educators, Guide's products enhance teaching skills and develop the best teachers. Inside and outside the classroom.

Complete education content

Our extensive video library offers trusted pedagogy, psychology, communication and relationship expertise for people working in schools or to use at home.


Teacher training & CPD.

Help your entire school faculty shine. Personalised learning pathways and anytime access to an entire career of development content.

One subscription for all staff.


Accredited qualifications.

The most flexible and cost effective way to become a qualified teacher, at any level.

No fixed enrolment, only pay when you qualify.


Help children learn.

Children spend 85% of their time outside the classroom. So we help those without formal training build a solid understanding of educating techniques to use at home.


SOURCE: Leadbetter, 2006



Personalised revision.
100% free.

Study for English, maths and science with tutorials created by experienced teachers. Pick your exam board. Customise with YouTube content. Plan your diary and track usage. Pay nothing. 


Unlocking learning potential.
In everyone. 

Create AI video lessons in any language. Be paid in crypto to complete an online course. Know your staff are compliant via blockchain security.

With Guide, these projects are a reality.

"I was fascinated to see how staff used the Guide platform. It was up to them when they completed the training. Some watched it once and answered the questions, some watched it three or four times. We were able to cater to all confidence levels and they received a bespoke program."

Ben Davies, CEO, St Martins Multi Academy Trust, UK

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"It all made sense pretty quickly and the best thing? It actually worked and was quick to grasp. I was able to try the techniques each evening and started to see positive results with all of my children."

Michelle France, Mother of 3, UK

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We're changing how passionate
people teach & learn. 

The world needs 68 million more teachers by 2030.

Making the best teaching theory accessible, relatable and priced correctly will create a new generation of teachers - inside and outside the classroom.

Potential is everywhere. Opportunity is not. Until now.

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“We implemented a proper learning process that meant we could substitute live training with an online format. It really helped us think about what learning actually is. The Guide platform ensures we make an impact in the classroom through the school leadership.”

— Stephen Cox, Founder & CEO, Osiris Educational


"The building evidence of the Guide learning method is impressive and I am following it with high interest."

— Professor John Hattie, Visible Learning

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