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Guide Education on why 'Webinars Can't Be Muted'

“’re on mute, Sue! No...sorry Sue, we can’t hear you.”

We’ve come a long way in a very short space of time. Whether it’s Sue delivering an insightful idea by mime or the entire team talking over one another to create a sound which is at best described as ‘unproductive’; the use of webinar technology has taken a huge step forward in the world of education.

Whilst many other sectors can sit smugly and perhaps mock us for our recent uptake, it is very clear that teachers are quickly beginning to shape the way in which we use this (what is now perhaps identified as) essential technology.

I am not suggesting for a moment that the education realm now look at webinars as if fire has just been invented, but it was always something that played a very small role in the way training was provided.

What now seems frankly archaic to us all, was the idea of paying someone a large sum of money, to travel many miles, to sit staff down at the end of a busy working day (or a long INSET) and attempt to share their knowledge with individuals who would often have their mind on other tasks they could be doing.

Webinars have now changed all of that. Sitting comfortably wherever they choose, staff can now access the very best educators from across the globe and share ideas with other like-minded people.

What’s more, if we are unable to attend a session live, we have the ability to watch a recorded session of that webinar at a time which suits us. There is no longer the need to be forced into a room when we have more urgent things to undertake. When we are ready, we can sit down and fully engage with the fabulous range of online CPD which the world has to offer.

As well as listening to others, it’s also a great opportunity to share ideas. As a former Deputy Headteacher, the feedback I receive from those who attend a webinar I have facilitated has been humbling. It is also very gratifying to know that I can help on their journey towards the best outcomes for their school and staff.

Webinars I've been part of include the use of online CPD to develop staff under a tight budget and exploring how schools can use technology such as Guide CORE and Guide Teacher Development to improve the way they develop staff. There is no doubt that education can massively benefit from webinar technology.

We have also been able to offer personalised webinars to school leadership teams who wanted to explore how the points raised within a particular webinar could be used to resolve their school challenges, issues, problems and hurdles. Whilst I try to ignore the fact that I feel like something from Total Recall, being ‘in the room’ with passionate leaders is a thrill I realised I truly missed.

So whilst Sue may still be trying to work out why his mic is still on mute, or you play around with the various backdrops on offer, there is no doubt that webinars are something that we should continue to fully utilise. Expert advice and support for the teaching community - YOU! - is just a webinar link away.

To book yourself (and your SLT colleagues) onto as many of our high-impact webinars as you wish - BOOK YOUR FREE SEAT NOW.

Michael Guard, Director of Qualifications

Please feel free to email me.


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