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Towards the end of the wonderful educational tour

The second week of the wonderful tour of England and English schools for the Maldivian MOE, came to a lovely end in Leeds via York, Wolverhampton, Hemel Hempstead and Pimlico. Wonderful to have so many schools host our guests and share best practices. Can’t thank my colleagues enough for the hospitality and insight they shared. The visiting delegates were absolutely gushing about what they saw and learnt, and passed on their sincerest thanks, assuring us that their learning will be shared with all colleagues in the Maldives.

There were many highlights, but one refrain that kept coming up, again and again, was on the unique relationships from heads, leaders and teachers towards pupils. One visiting colleague summed it up as ‘it’s much more than the ethos in the UK is to guide the children than have authority over them. They took away so much, but a reframing of teacher-student relationships across schools is personally very very satisfying. Take a bow Gary Aubin Ben Davis Rob Weightman Chris Dyson National Leader Education and all your colleagues for supporting, facilitating and sharing. Many thanks to all at Guide for hosting, especially Nathan Remzi Nick Preedy, Harvey Schofield and Shaila Hussain Truly heart heartwarming and hopefully generation-shaping 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


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