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How we can help children cope with mental health problems post COVID19? The thoughts of Leon Hady.

According to former headteacher Leon Hady of Guide Teacher Development, some of those youngsters have been acting as “communicators and fixers” for their parents, filling in benefit forms, grocery shopping and “writing letters to stave off eviction.”

"They are being an arm around the shoulder, or someone for mum and dad to talk to," said Mr Hady.

"They are helping to educate other siblings and doing the weekly shop. Some are caring for unwell parents and keeping other siblings safe from alcohol-fuelled rages.

"Some are used to being in these routines and some are doing it for the first time."

Homeschooling has proved problematic for most households.

Only 17 per cent say they have coped well teaching their children.

A quarter of parents say the most difficult aspect has been “getting their child to do any work at all".

Almost the same figure again says they have found the most challenging aspect is getting their child to do their work on schedule.

And one fifth of us say the most difficult part has been juggling homeschooling with our own job.


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