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Guide Education wins the Leadership Solution Category at BETT 2022 with Guide Connect

Great to win the leadership solution category at BETT 2022 with Guide Connect.

Grateful to the judges for their time and consideration, and congratulations to all other nominees and winners. Wonderful for so much innovation and quality to be recognised.

Most importantly of course thanks to the Guide team and Guide customers. Guide Connect is a particularly innovative solution in 4 parts, which the team commits to bringing to life and the customers commit to following through to bring the best out of it.

It encourages culture change and leaders taking responsibility for training, rather than solely lying on generic contextless training materials (so not for everyone) and I’m so grateful to them for believing in us and taking this journey alongside us.

Check it out at

- lots of video intros from me with better hair than today.

Also gives me pause for thought, for our Edtech to be so well regarded at a time when we, like others, explore more and more in corporate learning and take great strides in that direction.

Look forward to competing again at the next BETT show with our latest offering, to be released in the summer. We’ve been playing more and more with AI and video and have something super clever up our sleeves.

See you all next year, God willing.


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