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Guide Education Ltd: using artificial intelligence for not-for-profit, educational purposes

An enlivening interview with director Leon Hady of Guide Education Ltd which creates products, many of which are free that supports and provides high quality lifelong learning opportunities globally.

In this podcast we also discuss:

  • how Guide Education Ltd compares with the likes of Teach First and Khan Academy;

  • using and piloting deep fake technology and machine learning to educate in a motivational and inspiring way in rural India;

  • building scale and nurturing trust;

  • soft power & regulation in education;

  • free resources such as other Guide Education Ltd’s Tuition Kit, Home Schooling, Parent Online Course, Guide Teacher Development & how these are funded;

  • comparing education systems in the West and East;

  • creating world teacher standards; and

  • celebrating the incredible upcoming charitable event Reading legal walk Monday 12th July 2021 and PACT.

Speaker bio:

Leon Hady – Director, Guide Education Ltd

Leon Hady is a former headteacher of an Outstanding school. Taking on the lessons he learnt from his experiences in using video to make teacher training more objective and contextualised; through digital means, to augment the work of his company, Guide Education, (which had tuition centres, YouTube channels and a GCSE learning platform) with teacher training.

Working with industry experts he developed a unique platform to offer bespoke contextualised training opportunities for schools.

With offices in Egypt, the Philippines and China, Guide Education’s 40 staff deliver learning opportunities to students and teachers in over 700 schools worldwide.

In September 2020 the license for teacher training platform was sold to Osiris Educational, the UK’s most established teacher training company, for 2.2 million pounds as Guide Education pivoted to focus on future technologies and machine learning. In April 2021, Guide Education raised 6 million pounds, to further improve its teacher development mission.

Leon holds a BA in Sociology and Psychology; an MA in English Creative Writing; an MEd in Education; an MA in Islamic studies and a PGCE. He has published 4 works of fiction and regularly comments regularly in the press.


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