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Guide Education help students mentally prepare for the return to school.

Most children in the U.K. will be heading back to school this month after almost six months off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

After such a big break, it is perfectly normal for children (and their parents!) to be nervous about going back, so former headteacher Leon Hady, who runs free parenting courses at Guide Education, has offered his tips for getting your child mentally and emotionally prepared for heading back to class.

Remind them of the social benefits - seeing friends, playing, laughter and jokes, many children will be keen to reconnect they have all those things to look forward to. Remind them of it.

Give them digestible information about Covid-19 safety measures - there isn't much benefit in talking about the technicalities of the R Rate, and what it could mean for a second wave - let them know that you and the school will always do what's best for them, and you are there for them to speak to in ways that ease their fears.

Champion the school and teachers - remind them of how much the school has done over the lockdown period and beyond and that other forms of support (tuition boosters etc) are going to be available for them to catch up and thrive.

Be there for them - assurance for your child can come in words, a joke, a hand squeeze, a cuddle, joining them in a session of their favourite game or app. They have spent so much time with you in lockdown, they will need every type of reassurance from you while they adjust to the new normal.

Hady is currently giving one-to-one guidance to parents who have concerns about their children returning to school.


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