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What considerations should school leadership take for fake news? Guide founder Leon Hady speaks.

Part of the attraction and problem of fake news is that social media has introduced a whole new level of access and 'viewer interaction' to it, they can respond, share and create instant follow ons.

By sharing and responding to digital news digests, people promote the veneer of 'truth by popularity'.

Most instances of fake news 'stats' are simply causation and correlation confused, and an attempt to make a career, a dollar, or fulfilling a need for a person to be unique or special.

When the technology of Al steps-up a little further, I hope it'll be able to fact check anything instantly by cross-referencing databases of news stories and government data, to highlight alternate points of view and corrections in real time.

Why would this work? Because even by having exposure to the ideas - you'd stretch the viewpoint before letting everyone storm deep into their own echo chamber.

Fake news and misinformation truly are the annoying dripping tap of our age - but enough people of influence still believe and refer to trusted outlets of media, academia and social justice groups for us to ride the fake news showers, but something needs to happen before they become storms and ultimately typhoons.


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