We create products that support lifelong learning
in any industry and at any age 

(How do we do it? We're glad you asked. We do it with...)

Guide Connect

Truly bespoke teacher development portals that any school can create.

Our proudest achievement. Innumerable features all designed so educators can share their own resources, any other expert knowledge from the web and also Guide's enormous library of training content. The platform also helps users develop their own video content and most importantly have access to our sophisticated feedback loop that encourages long-term learning. It also records application sessions for repeat-viewing, much better than meaningless tick box quizzes.

Individual School Portals
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Expert teacher training, CPD and qualifications for educational institutions.

The perfect resource for all types of educational staff. Over 3000 videos covering everything from the first day of school, to preparing for senior management. Our system allows for intricate feedback and fully developed evidence collection -  quizzes are not welcome here!

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Online maths, English & science revision for all students, in all schools.

A unique piece of software that allows students to study for a range of subjects in any discipline, enabling them to bring in any item of video learning from anywhere on the web. Then organise and complete tasks which are fully tracked and supported to ensure learning delivery is met. Free for all users.

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On-demand exam practice with real teacher feedback.

An exam marking support service that allows students and teachers to perfect exam responses and prepare for exams in the research supported way. The flexibility of the system allows any exam, in any country and any language to be marked by any teacher from any country in any language. A truly groundbreaking service.

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The simplest, most effective remote teaching tool and screen capture widget.

Record and annotate your screen or turn it into a whiteboard in just one click.  Your video creations are automatically saved to the cloud for instant sharing, speeding up your communication and developing your ability to respond to anything - proposals, website layout changes, image manipulation requests and anything in between.

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Simply created and fully integrated how-to videos that guide users on any website.

Ever wondered what to do on a certain website page then having to trawl stack overflow or YouTube to find how?  HangHelp can add custom videos to every single page on a website offering help in situ,  so users aren't distracted or sidelined when they simply wish to complete their work.


Give more than your course. Mentor too.

Our most important world wide work.  GoVidiGo is the start of a quest to make everyone an educator - we allow those with knowledge to unleash and share their expertise in a fully realised feedback system -  currently used by schools, makeup artists, sports coaches, language teachers, chef schools and many other forms of practical application.  We believe GoVidiGo stands alone in ignoring questionnaires and pointless quizzes, encouraging true learner and mentor cycles and relationships. This means learners truly understand the improvements and needs of any situation.


Imagine creating videos in any language without the need for recording or production equipment. Then imagine doing it as anyone!

Guide Avatars will allow school leaders to transmit their vision, beliefs, newsletters and positivity to the widest possible audience. Eliminating language barriers within teacher training has always been one our goals.

The most prestigious global education research will now be instantly available in any language.

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Educating made easy.

The pandemic made everyone an overnight educator. During the first lockdown we made a free online course for parents, 1000s registered and many more started to ask for more help...

So we repurposed our bank of expert video content for those without formal training. We mapped journeys for users from day 1 to university level educational knowledge. All our course wisdom made available for parents, community members and all those who want to help unearth the potential in our youngsters. One subscription.