The world is full of amazing technology which can truly enhance the way children are taught. But what should teachers use and how should they use them? This course is designed to help teachers consider the best technologies to use within lessons, how best to use them and to consider how social media can be utilised to support learning.


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Understanding how to teach with technology

  • Additional Course Information

    Our Teaching With Technology course is split in 8 easy-to-digest course modules, containing individual and targeted videos that delve into the  specifics of the essential information you require. Each video is provided with additional reading resources and knowledge enhancement activities that provide you with a wealth of practical ideas and tips that you can employ in the modern education environment.


    Our suite of school compliance courses all count as Continuing Professional Development and can be used as evidence in your personnel record.

  • Course Modules

    Module 1: Background - Why Edtech? (5 Videos)

    Moduel 2: Recent and Emerging Themes in Edtech (4 Videos)

    Module 3: Social Media (7 Videos)

    Module 4: Video (5 Videos)

    Module 5: Assessment Tools (5 Videos)

    Module 6: Collaborative Working (7 Videos)

    Module 7: Presentation Tools (4 Videos)

    Module 8: Games and Learner Response Systems (3 Videos)

  • Course Length

    40 Videos - 93 minutes

  • Guided Learning Hours

    16 hours


    What is GLH or ‘guided learning hours’?


    This number represents the approximate total combined study time required from each user to make the course truly effective. The metric is based on hundreds of thousands of cumulative study hours undertaken by the 15,000 school staff around the world that Guide has developed since 2019. 


    It includes:

    - Length of the videos 

    - Time taken to complete the in-video questions

    - Time taken to read the additional resources

    - Time taken to put items into practice

    - Time taken to ensure teachers are well versed in methodologies and ideas presented within the course

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