Learning is never a straightforward process and for students who demonstrate varying types of learning difficulties, this can make understanding and progress a real challenge. 


Learning disabilities can take many forms, with varying impacts on an individual’s life and behaviour. Learning disability training will help you to familiarise with the various types of learning disability and how these affect learning and development. As learning disabilities take many forms, staff must be prepared to think on their feet and learn to identify and manage the requirements of each student in their care. The learning disability online training aims to raise awareness of the challenges facing people with learning disabilities, while highlighting their potential strengths and capacity for independence.


By undertaking this training, staff at all levels of the school will develop a far stronger understanding of the nature of learning difficulties, the ways in which it impacts on a student's experience and how we can begin to help support them. 


Why Choose Guide?

Our content experts ensure your courses are kept up-to-date. We constantly monitor changes to statutory guidance, legislation and inspection requirements, as soon as changes are confirmed, we update your course content at the earliest opportunity.


Guide Education's online learning management system is incredibly easy to use with training courses that can be accessed at any time and from any computer with internet access.


With Guide Education you can:


  • Fulfil your legal duty of care in the key areas the law and inspection requires
  • Provide robust evidence of staff training
  • Access powerful management reports so you know who has completed the training
  • Allow ALL staff to complete essential duty of care training
  • Access additional resources to extend subject knowledge
  • Keep up-to-date with legislation changes
  • Download personalised certificates
  • Train anytime, anywhere - 24/7
  • Provide training certified for CPD

Learning Difficulties

  • Additional Course Information

    Our safeguarding course is split into 4 easy-to-digest video modules with additional reading resources and knowledge enhancement activities to provide you with a comprehensive picture of safeguarding in a modern education environment. 

    Our suite of school compliance courses all count as Continuing Professional Development and can be used as evidence in your personnel record.

  • Modules

    Module 1: What are Learning Disabilities?

    Module 2: The Importance of Recognising Learning Disabilities

    Module 3: Learning Disabilities - Cognition and Learning

    Module 4: Learning Disabilities - Language and Communication

  • Course Length

    10 Videos - 60 minutes total run time

  • Guided Learning Hours

    10 hours


    What is GLH or ‘guided learning hours’?


    This number represents the approximate total combined study time required from each user to make the course truly effective. The metric is based on hundreds of thousands of cumulative study hours undertaken by the 15,000 school staff around the world that Guide has developed since 2019. 


    It includes:

    - Length of the videos 

    - Time taken to complete the in-video questions

    - Time taken to read the additional resources

    - Time taken to put items into practice

    - Time taken to ensure teachers are well versed in methodologies and ideas presented within the course

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