This course has been designed to give you an introduction to the philosophy and pedagogy of Steiner Waldorf Education. Steiner Waldorf Education draws its inspiration from the educational ideas of Rudolph Steiner, a philosopher and scientist who founded this movement in 1919. 


Steiner Waldorf education is widely considered a creative form of education that interweaves creativity, artistic and physical activity with academic learning and helps students develop knowledge and skills with enthusiasm and joy.


Our course will give you a key overview of what the philosophy and principles of Steiner Waldorf, a deeper understanding of the curriculum and an understanding of the foundations set to promote a love of learning for students of Steiner Waldorf Education.

Introducing Steiner Waldorf

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    Our introductory Steiner Waldorf course is split into 5 easy-to-digest course modules, containing individual and targeted videos that explore the philosophy and foundations of Steiner Waldorf Education.

    Wherever you are on your `Steiner-Waldorf Journey`, this introductory course will bring a deeper understanding of what characterises this education, inviting you to assess for yourself what it can contribute to the future for our children.

  • Course Chapters

    What is Steiner Waldorf Education?

    Child development from a Steiner Waldorf Perspective

    Educating the Head, Heart, and the Hands

    Challenging the intellect

    Learning, assessment, and education

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