Support your entire staff cohort with our complete training and development package, including all of our Guide Teacher Devlopment courses.


This fully comprehensive package containing a brilliant range of courses has been created to ensure anyone who is new to teaching has access to the knowledge and practical guidance they need hit the ground running, as well as providing continuing professional development and learning opportunities for staff at all stages of their career. Whether at university, beginning their new role at primary or secondary level, or looking to enhance and develop further within their career, this package will ensure staff feel supported and empowered in the classroom and have the opportunity to continue to grow into effective teachers, mentors, managers and leaders.


This Package is available as a Yearly or Monthly subscription (Price shown is for Monthly Subscription)


Why Choose Guide?

Our content experts ensure your courses are kept up-to-date. We constantly monitor changes to statutory guidance, legislation and inspection requirements, as soon as changes are confirmed, we update your course content at the earliest opportunity.


Guide Education's online learning management system is incredibly easy to use with training courses that can be accessed at any time and from any computer with internet access.


With Guide Education you can:


  • Fulfil your legal duty of care in the key areas the law and inspection requires
  • Provide robust evidence of staff training
  • Access powerful management reports so you know who has completed the training
  • Allow ALL staff to complete essential duty of care training
  • Access additional resources to extend subject knowledge
  • Keep up-to-date with legislation changes
  • Download personalised certificates
  • Train anytime, anywhere - 24/7
  • Provide training certified for CPD

Secondary Schools Schoolwide Subscription

  • Additional Package Information

    Our Schoolwide Subscription Package gives you full access to all of our development and enhancement courses, including the full library from our Safer Schools, Starting Your School Career and Developing Leadership Series.  


    Each course is split into easy-to-digest course modules, containing individual and targeted videos that delve into the  specifics of the essential information you require. Each video is provided with additional reading resources and knowledge enhancement activities that provide you with a wealth of practical ideas and tips that you can employ in the modern education environment.


    Our suite of school development courses all count as Continuing Professional Development and can be used as evidence in your personnel record.

  • Courses in this Package

    Safer Schools Series

    Understanding safeguarding policies and procedures 
    Exploring e-safety
    Understanding female genital mutilation (FGM)
    Understanding extremism and radicalism
    Understanding child sexual exploitation
    Autism awareness
    Eating disorders
    Learning difficulties


    Starting Your School Career Series

    Developing as a teaching assistant
    Expanding your understanding of primary teaching
    Developing your skills as a secondary teacher
    Enhancing your ability to work with SEN students
    Expanding your understanding of teaching best practice
    Preparing you to teach maths for KS3
    Preparing you to teach English for KS3 and above
    Preparing you to teach science for KS3 and above
    Understanding how to teach with technology


    Developing Leadership Series

    Developing your ability to lead teaching and learning
    Preparing for your role as a SEN coordinator 
    Preparing for your role as a middle leader
    Preparing for your role as pupil premium Lead
    Schoolwide Changemaker
    Becoming an effective mentor or coach


    Accredited Courses

    Become a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Level 4
    Achieving an Award in Assessing (AVA)
    Qualify for the role of Quality Assurance (IQA)
    Achieving an Award in Education and Training (AET) 
    Gaining a Diploma in Education and Training (DET) Level 5
    Achieving Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills Status (QTLS)
    Achieving Qualified Teacher Status


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