Around three million people in the UK suffer from some form of an eating disorder. Research also suggests that some sufferers demonstrate symptoms as young as the age of six. Once again, schools are therefore expected to help address this issue in order to eradicate it.  There are a number of complex reasons why people develop conditions such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa and other types of an eating disorder. If we want to tackle these issues, we must first try to understand how they come about. We must also evaluate the treatment available for those affected.


This course will ensure you understand what the different types of eating disorders are, the symptoms and how to act.


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Eating Disorders

  • Additional Course Information


  • Modules

    Module 1: Eating Disorders - What are they and who do they affect?

    Module 2: Eating Disorders - Risk Factors and Early Warning signs

    Module 3: Eating Disorders - What can the teacher and school do to help?

    Module 4: Eating Disorders - Health Consequences and Treatment

  • Total Videos

    10 Videos - 60 minutes total run time

  • Guided Learning Hours

    20 Hours GLH