This is a flexible online course designed to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to be able to work effectively with students and to be able to support teachers to ensure great progress occurs. 


Perfect for anyone beginning to work within the classroom or even staff responsible for teaching assistants, the modules will take you through all aspects of classroom preparation and management, including useful skills and tips on behaviour management and student engagement techniques.


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Developing as a Teaching Assistant

  • Additional Course Information

    Our Teaching Assistant course is split in 5 easy-to-digest video modules with additional reading resources and knowledge enhancement activities, making your studies engaging, practical, fun and informative, whilst providing you with the essential knowledge and skills required to become  the best support assistant you can be.


    Our suite of school compliance courses all count as Continuing Professional Development and can be used as evidence in your personnel record.

  • Course Modules

    Module 1: Teaching Assistant Introduction

    Module 2: Personal Knowledge and Professional Conduct

    Module 3: Knowledge and Understanding

    Module 4: Teaching and Learning

    Module 5: Working with Others

  • Total Videos

    29 Videos - 124 minutes total run time

    10 Hours GLH

  • Videos in this course

    Module 1: 

    1.1 Introduction to Teacher Training

    1.2 Skills for School Success

    1.3 Day to Day Role

    1.4 Classroom Role

    1.5 Type of Work for TAs

    1.6 Integrating into the Class


    Module 2:

    2.1 Basics of Communication

    2.2 Boundaries

    2.3 Checking if Students are ready to learn

    2.4 Brain Development


    Module 3:

    3.1 Engaging in School Life

    3.2 Items school gives you

    3.3 The Teaching Cycle

    3.4 Considering Day to Day Activities

    3.5 CPD Consideration

    3.6 School Structure

    3.7 Self-Directed Learning about items in school


    Module 4:

    4.1 TA Assessments

    4.2 TA Giving Feedback

    4.3 Working with Students_ Personality Traits

    4.4 Working with Students_ Your Focus

    4.5 Working with Students_ Your influence

    4.6 Working with Students_ Power of your Words

    4.7 Working with Students_ Characteristics

    4.8 Working with Students_ Ground Rules

    4.9 Working with Students_ Outlook


    Module 5:

    5.1 Working with Teachers

    5.2 Working with Parents

    5.3 Working with Support Staff


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