This course is created to help those who want to develop greater confidence and skill in dealing with difficult people at work.  Whether you are dealing with parents, colleagues, supervisors, or students this course will equip you with a set of tools to handle those ‘tricky’ situations effectively.


You will learn how to create an environment that is friendly, supportive, and successful and will be equipped with tools to enable you to create a friendly and stress-free working setting.

Dealing with Difficult People

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    41 minutes - 14 videos

  • Guided Learning Hours

    7 hours


    What is GLH or ‘guided learning hours’?


    This number represents the approximate total combined study time required from each user to make the course truly effective. The metric is based on hundreds of thousands of cumulative study hours undertaken by the 15,000 school staff around the world that Guide has developed since 2019. 


    It includes:

    - Length of the videos 

    - Time taken to complete the in-video questions

    - Time taken to read the additional resources

    - Time taken to put items into practice

    - Time taken to ensure teachers are well versed in methodologies and ideas presented within the course

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