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Leon Hady discusses with Business Insider why online learning is here to stay.

Leon Hady's 6-foot-5 frame intimidates some of his students. The former headteacher tries to make himself "smaller" to put them at ease — but in the age of coronavirus, he doesn't have to.

"Not being physically present in homes makes people calmer," he says about tutoring children online. "When we're both on screen, I'm the same size [as them]." The worries of face-to-face teaching are "now somewhat gone."

Since leaving his head-teaching job in 2016, Hady has spearheaded Guide Education, an online portal valued at £15 million ($19.3 million) that teaches 380,000 children around the world.

During the pandemic, he has seen an uptake of people retired, furloughed, or made redundant retraining as tutors, especially since schools closed. The pandemic, he says, is "flattening out the tuition market." 

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