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MOE delegates and principals visit England

Wonderful to begin hosting the MOE delegates and principals of the Maldives in England.

We have organised a 10-day tour of English schools and areas starting with London and visiting Birmingham, Leeds, York, Reading, Hemel Hempstead and Bradford to see some of our most dynamic schools and cultural highlights.

Thank you to @Naz Shah MP for taking the time to welcome them to England, to Dr Chris Stevens, Neil Burch and the team at Bradfield College for introducing them to one of England’s most prestigious, forward-thinking and iconic schools.

Huge thanks to Syima Aslam MBE for welcoming them to Europe’s largest and most diverse literature festival and of course… huge thanks to the Guide team for helping arrange and organise everything including a tour of the home of the best team in England at the Emirates stadium.

Extremely looking forward to the second week of the visit taking them to more unique schools across England.

Lovely to do this type of international work and even nicer to repay the hospitality received when we were over in the Maldives.

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