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Guide Education delivering all teacher training for the entire Republic of Maldives

A true professional delight for us.

Guide Connect has been chosen to deliver all teacher training and leadership courses to ALL schools and staff for the entirety of the Maldives.

Yesterday was the launch ceremony with the Minister of Education, Dr. Aishath Ali, and the entire staff of the MOE, broadcast to all schools nationally, due to Covid restrictions.

Big day for us of course, and it was wonderful to take staff out to the Maldives while also taking advantage of the amazing beaches, but really it’s the ultimate positive for Guide Connect’s feature set.

Guide Connect had always suffered from being different and encouraging culture change - with our swarm learning and remote mentor loops you quadruple the amount of contextual learning material that staff can access and more importantly revolutionise feedback and observation practice while speeding that process up immeasurably.

Why has this been a problem? Because people can still do these things the old way. People are satisfied with waiting a week for observation feedback, satisfied with having only 1 ‘expert’ give a training session that has 1% efficacy over time. Exactly the same as how it would have been in 1922, so it is for many at the dawn of 2022. BUT that is an impossibility for Maldivian schools - they simply can’t function that way because of geography.

Take a look at the country on a map, it’s northern to southern tip is the size of the UK, but As it’s made up of 1300 islands, it’s impossible to get staff and experts around the country because of astronomical travel costs and distances. PD and external influence suffer hugely as a result.

Guide Connect helps solve this issue perfectly, making a space and PROCESS that gets teachers and leaders connecting, sharing and feeding back much more efficiently taking time, cost and standardisation issues out of the equation.

Perfect tool for the problem and an absolute honour, to be trusted with this responsibility for changing the training at a National level. A perfect use case, and the space where we road test the latest version of our tech which had been two years in development.

Many thanks to the MOE of the Maldives, the forward thinking minister Dr. Ali, Tuhajudeen School staff for hosting the event and of course the Guide staff who worked tirelessly to get us here, be they in the UK, India, the Philippines, China, Uruguay or Egypt.

Pulled together a lot of expertise for this, wish us the best with this endeavour. As with anything, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, will keep educators informed of successes and learning as we go.


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