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Eye-opening dinner with Maldives Education Minister

Had an eye-opening dinner with the Education Minister for the Maldives, Dr Aishath Ali. A wonderful lady with a great sense of humour but prior to being an education minister, she was a teacher for years, then a teacher trainer for years, and did her PhD on the entire history of the education system of the Maldives.

Imagine that: an education minister who outright knows a lot about educating and education first-hand. I know our electoral system is completely different, but it’s supremely refreshing to see such an expert in the post. Normally, when we work with a group/organisation/government and they want us to know a bit about them, they refer us to the website or mention a few things in passing, Dr Ali gave me a copy of her own PhD to get clued up. I better get learning! #expertminister #education #learning #teacher #teachertraining #schoolleadership # #phd #risetogether


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