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Ed-tech merger to deliver 68 million teachers needed worldwide

London, UK, Release: August 24, 2020. For Immediate Release

Guide Education and Osiris Educational have partnered in an Edtech alliance to offer online teacher training courses to teachers around the world, rising to the challenge of UNESCOs 2030 goal to address the shortage of 68 million teachers worldwide.

Osiris will acquire ‘Guide’ assets, staff and customer contracts. The merged business will operate under the Osiris brands of ‘Osiris Digital’ and ‘KMB1’.

Guide Education, founded in 2013, has been working to provide innovative and accessible solutions around the world, supporting over 450 schools and training 1000s of teachers remotely. Osiris Educational are entering their 25th year connecting teachers of all levels, with leading educationalists across the world. Over 1,000,000 teachers have attended their courses and events.

Speaking of the acquisition, Osiris founder, Stephen Cox, explained: ‘Online learning systems have been around for years but in education have failed to offer impact. The problem is they administer learning in a one size fits all model. In the nuanced world of learning it fails to deliver. Guide’s blended model and unique methodology now enables us to measure success by impact. They have a strong catalogue of resources and technology offering Osiris an excellent avenue into online delivery in a post-Covid world.’ Guide Education Founder, Leon Hady noted ‘For a long time we’ve replicated the best of face to face delivery through online methods. We’ve proven what we do with hundreds of schools, increased uptake and now is the right time to work with a truly world class organisation by reputation and academically, to take our products to the next level, allowing us to focus on taking our technology to other industries and arenas. Osiris have the experience and infrastructure to train millions of teachers, so the future of online teacher training is very bright.’ This multi-million pound merger is agreed, with Osiris putting £2.2 million into digital resources and another £1.4 million into overseas expansion.

More information about the software products it offers can be found at the company website:

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