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Leon Hady, Ex-outstanding Headmaster, Talks Benefits of 121 Tutoring for Children Missing School

Students will benefit from far more than just catching up with missed work if the government does create a 1-to-1 learning program, with private tutors.

I taught in schools for over a decade and have tutored or run tuition centres ever since my first year in teaching.

The difference, I've always found is 15 minutes of 1-to-1 covers an hour of school work, but the there are 3 main support benefits:

1. Spoken Confidence: students are far more used to be being asked their opinion so they find their voice faster.

2. Soft Skill Improvement: tuition is more like a team analysis and response to certain lack of knowledge or skill areas, so collaboration, reflection and problem solving happen throughout as the tutor and student work closely together to remedy, and give the learning item the time it needs.

3. Improved Learning Attitude: 1-to-1 students see the improvement and benefit quicker than they do with school efforts - so they have a more 'can-do' attitude which flows into all areas of learning and life.

A very welcome development.


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