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Developing your ability to encourage home learning with your child.

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Easy to follow advice from parents and teachers

This short course guides parents all over the world to create an enjoyable and productive at-home learning experience for their children. We’re adding piece of the puzzle that will bridge the gap between parenting and home-schooling to ensure you have the tools and information required to support your children as they learn. 

Working on Math Problems

The course is completely free and always will be, created by teachers, headteachers all of whom are parents too! We hope to provide parents with:


- A strong understanding of introductory principles of learning

- Give you ideas on how you can make your home learning journey an enjoyable and adaptable one

- Tips and systems from teachers that can be easily applied at home

Supporting You
Easy to Follow

This course will enable you to create a more productive environment for you and your child. It will:


- Explain how you can have a positive impact on your child’s home development

- Equip you with some best practice and ideas that have worked with tens of thousands of students in schools, nurseries and homes across the world

- Give you your own personalised online profile to manage your own progress and record what you learn

Teacher and Student
Teacher and Student
Thinking of Teaching?

If working through this course, or working with your child makes you consider teaching further and you'd like to take some more specific courses, feel free to browse our catalog of teacher preparation and teacher development courses 

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