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The Journey Begins

Having been a teacher for a  number of years, Leon Hady takes to Youtube to share English tutorials. Within 2 years the Youtube page had millions of hits and Leon becomes hooked on delivering learning online.

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Headship and Beyond

Leon becomes Headteacher of an inner-city school. His first company is formed; a  face to face tuition centre with the aim of helping disadvantaged students to achieve beyond their expectations. Leon and his team of excellent teachers, achieve Ofsted "Outstanding" for the school.

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Expanding to all

After his successful time as a school leader, Leon creates TuitionKit; a student revision platform which makes tuition accessible to all. It has since supported over 600,000 people, and it was developed further with an exam focus, in the form of an upgraded student offering Exam Marker.

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Nationwide Reach

Understanding the financial strain schools face, Leon works with university lecturers and supply agencies to create a more democratic teacher training route, which ensures schools can now access career-wide training without the traditional disadvantages. It has helped hundreds of teachers, as a joint project with  one of the nation’s largest supply agencies Academics to create, Academics Advance.

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Complete Teacher Training

Guide’s reputation and mission is strengthened through partnership with Osiris Educational, one of the UK’s best-known training companies, to develop Osiris Digital.


Guide Connect our complete turnkey solution was also rolled out in Q2. Hundreds of schools, thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students have been supported - a small step towards the mission to end the world teacher shortage and ensure educational access for all.

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Worldwide Growth

After becoming a top 20 finalist in the Alibaba global start-up competition, Guide establishes offices in China. Collaboration and development alongside leading Chinese companies increase the reach of Guide's methodology via the Guide CORE video learning platform. To ensure a rapid response from mentors Guide developed ScreenRock capturing software to make online teaching a breeze. 


Simultaneously, Guide also expands its presence in the UAE via a government partnership and is able to support thousands of teachers with their growth and development.

Explore our range of learning and development products

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Guide Connect

Guide powered products are used nationally and internationally by hundreds of institutions, including...

Loughborough College
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Machine learning for education

In 2021 Guide began their research into machine learning to apply 'deep-fake' videos in education for the first time.


Guide Avatars will allow leaders within schools to transmit their vision, beliefs, newsletters and positivity in various languages to their wider school community. For too long language barriers have been a significant impediment to wider school engagement for all stakeholders. Something Guide wishes to eliminate. 

In addition, some of the most prestigious global research available can now be instantly offered in any language. This ensures all cultures and geographies have affordable access to the best learning knowledge around the world for their studies or research.