Learning delivery, mentoring and assessment opportunities 

We educate and train on key concepts and share your own materials within the system's assessment and reflection points to ensure learners build on the knowledge you provide.
Our remote mentoring features also allow for video or audio feedback ON ANY learning materials, which is most powerfully used for remote observations in the classroom, and giving precise, personalised in-video feedback.

Personalised sites and content

We create your own bespoke portal page, aligning to the viewership you’ll have from internal and external sources. We then outline learner pathways that you wish for staff to develop on and then begin to map your planned content, of videos you wish to add, to go alongside our 3000 teacher training videos.


Lastly, we add personalised videos from your leadership team to ensure engagement. Having worked with hundreds of schools we know what helps staff teams take note.

Isolating your key needs and building your vision

We begin with where you are and where you wish to be as an organisation.
We assess your current digital strategy and satisfaction with your teacher training. We then begin to implement best practice and personalisation options for your staff and plan the growth of that in accordance with your goals.

Take control of your training

Our 6 step process will drive your new learning culture

Onboarding and launch

We always tell our partner schools ‘an hour with us, is worth 20 on your own’ so we always give those hours. 


We onboard our initial contact, then the senior leadership team, then the in-school lead at times they see fit. We share initial email templates and posters to make staff aware they will partake in CPD, gain certificates and where chosen, complete accredited qualifications.  


If you’re a trust, we do this with EVERY school, taking on responsibility for onboarding key members with your agreed vision.

Embed the knowledge

Set schedules and time-released questions to ensure learners revisit the knowledge they’ve been exposed to. The system will prompt them to explain or record examples of how it’s benefited them, how it's being used to ensure their learning aligns to your institution’s goals.

Appraisal, certification and qualifications

Use the online workbooks to compile all learning in any area your institution has delivered. Choose to have that cemented by gaining CPD accredited hours, internal recognition or full eternal qualifications such as HLTA and professional qualifications such as AET or QTS.