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in-school training for all staff.

Our expertise, your knowledge, one platform.

This is Osiris Digital, the latest in cutting-edge school development tools.

Tailor-made for all of your staff; from the support team all the way through to senior leaders. 


Fully online, and designed for accessibility, this platform makes in-school training engaging, controllable, and community driven like nothing before it.

Osiris Digital is the next step in CPD. Bring it to your school, and thrive together, today.


Osiris Digital is ready-made and scalable for every learning institution, large or small, primary or secondary.

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What parts of your CPD and training can you improve?

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Expert teacher training & CPD courses for Primary, Secondary and Accredited Qualifications

The perfect resource for all types of educational staff. 


Over 3000 videos covering everything from the first day of school to preparing for senior management.


Our system allows for intricate feedback and fully developed evidence collection -  quizzes are not welcome here!

Upload your own school's training content or easily create bespoke content directly in your platform

Our online digital resource environment serves as the basis for multiple Osiris products, including our range of accredited teacher training pathways and qualifications.

We can provide a completely bespoke platform for institutions and businesses to host their own content within minutes.

It is very easy to use and our proprietary tools that augment and compliment content, make it an industry leader.

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  • The power to create your own staff development courses at the touch of a button with unique interactive features

  • Control the level of access and the length of study for your staff members, completely customising your course in any way you like

  • Follow your staff progress and produce teaching and learning plans, development reports and key targets for development with our advanced features

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