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Give More Than

Just Your Course: 

     Mentor too.


You are an expert. You have a passion and skill to share. GoVidiGo offers you complete control, through unrivaled options to bring your knowledge to the world. Using the right tool for the right level of information:

- Record your screen and annotate as needed

- Upload a PowerPoint and add audio 

- Upload your pre-created content 

- Import YouTube videos or entire channels

Different parts of your course as best suited to different types of recording, GoVidiGo gives you complete flexibility to get your message across how you choose.



The Question is King. Kill your urge to quiz your learners. Ask them to show you instead. With GoVidiGo you'll set questions IN your videos asking them to reflect and enact what you're teaching.

- Add Video Events in any  material

- Personalise questions with audio  

- Offer varied ways to demonstrate 

You need to see your learners putting your teaching into action, set them the task of recording themselves using what you've taught. And remember, going forward it can't just be about offering courses and leaving them high and dry. The learning journey has only just begun.




Now you make the difference. Your learners, who trust you, rely on you, now need you to offer a specific and tailored reflection from you ON their video uploads. You've been offering advice on forms and Facebook pages for years, but now you can give much more precise and detailed commentary, exactly where it's needed, and be paid for it!

- Add specific feedback in-video 

- Leave supportive commentary 

- Track learning increments 

GoVidiGo prompts you to leave feedback within 72 hours and notifies you how much feedback you've left for each student so you can allocate your time and priorities with ease. 



Collaboration and swarming. You don't have to be the only teacher on your course. You can invite subject administrators you trust to assist in giving feedback, but you can also allow learners to learn from other learners by allowing them to access other learners' answers and their feedback.  

- Create swarm response groups 

- Add forums to each learning section  

- Track learning increments 

So many ways in GoVidiGo to support learners and to help them and to provide them with a learning trail that other users can benefit from. 

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