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Collectively we've taught for hundreds of years, and there's nothing
an educator likes more than helping others.

Guide+ was created by
academics & experts, of course...but most importantly
we worked closely with
parents & carers and community educators telling us exactly what they needed most, on top of all our teacher training experience.

We gathered educational experts such as...

To create you brilliant content like...

Which is used successfully in hundreds of places such as...

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...and loved by people exactly like you!

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Michelle France

Mother of 3 - Canterbury, UK

"The best thing? It actually worked and was quick to grasp. I was able to try the techniques over a couple of evenings and started to see positive results right away."

che hashim_edited.jpg
Ché Hashim

Father of 2 - San Francisco, USA

"Using some of the early years videos for my twin 4 year old girls helped me grasp the stages of their learning development. Plus it gave them a great boost before starting school."

cathy sethi_edited.jpg
Cathy Sethi

Mother of 2 - London, UK

"I’m married to a teacher and even I don’t find it easy to homeschool my 8 & 10 year old. This didn’t preach or complicate the process and helped me with lots of ideas to try out."

nina (1).jpeg
Nina Hunjan

Mother of 2 - London, UK

"I was worried it would be too vague but I was easily able to search for specific problems and find videos to match. Plus the information was easy to understand."

So let's get you STARTED!